ATP is proud to carry the UL/CUL CLASSIFICATION FILE#R1616

Alloy Racing Covers

As owners of compact cars modify their engines for greater performance, heat can become a serious problem

** ATP recently had the opportunity to do work for one of the cars from the film Fast and Furious. Check back soon for photos.

Extreme Heat is the by-product of Extreme Performance. The problem is containing the heat so that it does not adversely affect the vehicle or driver. As owners of compact cars modify their engines for greater performance, heat can become a serious problem.

Alloy Racing Covers offers solutions that will both increase the performance of your vehicle and protect your engine components from heat-related damage.

Whether you race or you just want to give your engine compartment a clean look, we have the products you are looking for.

Many of our products are available ‘off the shelf.’ We also are able to create custom parts for your specific needs.

Alloy Racing Covers

Alloy Racing Covers is a division of Advanced Thermal Products, Inc (ATP) in Santa Ana, California. We were introduced to the race industry in the early 70’s by race legend, Dan Gurney. Since then, we have worked with some of the top organizations in the race world, including Rehal, Honda Performance Development, Penoz, Patrick Racing, High-Tech Exhaust, Reid Washborn, Toyota TRD, Swift Engineering and many more.

2004 marks a new era in our 30+ year history – This is the first time we have made our products available to customers outside of the Professional Race industry. We are poroud to be part of the new and exciting upgraded turbocharged systems with a racing shield that will compliment you’re your engine compartment with a protection shield that works.


We use Thermal Insulation technologies developed by NASA and apply it to control the heat in your car. Extra care is taken to keep your insulation lightweight. By using metal that is usually no thicker than .25″ in thickness, we are able to keep weight to an absolute minimum.MUCH lighter than than other heat shields

Quality materials are only part of our commitment to excellence. ARC has developed a proprietary metal ridge that is the strongest on the market, which contributes to the strength, performance and longevity of your parts. ARC products will withstand all the heat and punishment you subject it to and perform well beyond your expectations.

We know you’ll be excited after seeing the results of using Alloy Racing Covers products. Call 800.826.8417 for more information.

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