Message From Our President

Advanced Thermal Products, Inc. has experienced phenomenal growth in the last 12 months and is excited about the future of this great company. Never in our 33 years in business have we been stronger. Our dedication to staying in the forefront of the ever-changing requirements of the thermal insulation industry puts us ahead of the competition.

Part of our mission is to exceed customer demand. It is more important today that we work with the customer and their increased high temperature requirements. Where the old standard of 1100°F was the highest temperature we would see, in the last two years those temperatures now exceed 1300°F in today’s high-horse engines.

ATPI is known in the industry as the leader in ‘Heat Management Technology’ and are considered experts at controlling heat issues as well as for the quality and detail we build into our product lines. Our products are developed based on the individual requirements of our customers, rather than the cookie-cutter approach that many of our competitors use.

OSHA requirements and new laws help prevent many injuries and contribute to improved air quality. At the same time those requirements can be tremendously costly and burdensome to business. Personnel protection is even more necessary because hotter-burning alternative fueled (natural gas & propane) engines have become mainstream. The resulting higher exhaust temperatures create an even greater need in protecting employees from serious injury. Advanced Thermal Products, Inc. understands the OSHA requirements and will serve as a resource to help you become compliant.

In the 1970s, when ATPI was young, our insulation systems were used primarily for Stand-by Generators. Today, Prime Power and Alternative Fuel Generator insulation systems are the bulk of our business. Because of the greater heat management requirements, we have developed a new system that incorporates technologies from the Pro Race Industry and integrated them with soft-blankets. When combined, it produces phenomenal results – we call it the “ATP Hybrid System.” This new system will provide long-term protection at the highest exhaust temperatures emitted by the new generation engines.

ATPI has recently acquired quantifiable data on preliminary tests of the ATP Hybrid System. The data charts the performance of this new system vs. the best insulation systems manufactured by our competition. It is excellent news for those customers who have extreme temperature applications with operating temperatures above 1200° F. Some benefits of our system include:

In other news, Advanced Thermal Products, Inc. will be at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on April 8 th-10 th displaying many of the current CART Race products as well as Viper Cool Kits. Owners of exotic automobiles as well as race enthusiasts will have an opportunity to see firsthand how they can reduce the high temperatures of their vehicles. We will be displaying many of the products we have been associated with over the past year, including Metal Crafters’ four turbo Chrysler Prototype and Jeep Concept Cars. As in years past, we also expect a great deal of interest from Muscle Car and Street Racer owners. Twins-Turbo, from the History Channel’s ‘Full Throttle’ program, has graciously donated the use of one of their Race Supra’s to display, that as you would expect, is tricked out with our custom ARC Heat Shields.
There are many industries that need insulation products. Advanced Thermal Products, Inc. is in a unique position as an experienced leader that provides long-lasting products that will perform to your specific needs.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free contact us at (800) 826.8417, or stop by anytime you are in our area ( Santa Ana, CA). We would be glad to speak to you about your needs and show you our operations & wide product range.

Warmest Regards,

Timothy J. Thompson, President
Advanced Thermal Products, Inc.