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Alloy Racing Covers

Performance and sex-appeal is what the Corvette is all about.and heat is your enemy

Performance and sex-appeal is what the Corvette is all about.and heat is your enemy.

Heat robs horsepower and can make your ride uncomfortable. Until recently, the products available to the public for controlling heat with the Corvette have been of poor quality and are an eye-sore. Now there is Alloy Racing Covers!

Alloy Racing Cover’s rich history as a manufacturer for the Pro Race industry has given us insight into heat reduction for many non-race performance vehicles. We have off-the-shelf solutions for many Corvette models.

Break Fluid Reservoir Jacket – this is our #1 recommendation for the Corvette.  Engine compartment heat tends to bake break fluid, drastically reducing its expected life and effectiveness.  ARC’s insulation jacket is built with a .25″ layer of high-temperature fiberglass insulation, together with an exterior of reflective aluminized cloth.  You don’t need your mechanic to install this little guy.  Jacket is fastened with Velcro® and installs in about a minute.

Cold Air Intake Jacket – When you install a cold air intake system on your corvette, the concept is that you are getting cold air. The cooler the air the more power you can expect from your engine.  You defeat the purpose by installing tubing that conducts heat. ARC Air Intake Jackets Reflect and Insulate heat; it is the ultimate assurance that your engine is getting the coolest air possible.  Jacket comes with a Velcro® fastener for quick install.

Hood Blanket – These sharp-looking blankets will turn heads every time you open your hood.  They are also excellent insulators, protecting your hood and paint from excessive heat.

Custom Header Shields – For those customers who have installed custom headers, we are able to create custom shields to your specs. 

Turbocharger Covers – T3 and T4 Turbocharger Covers are available for customers with turbocharged engines.  

Sleeving – Pros use it to protect hydraulic lines and wires; available by the foot or roll in diameters of .5″ – 3.5″

We welcome opportunities to create custom insulation products for any heat-related needs.   

Call us today at 800.826.8417 to speak with a heat consultant.  

Alloy Racing Covers is continuously expanding our product line.  Check back regularly for additional products.  

Alloy Racing Covers recommends Halltech, Inc. for engine upgrades for your Corvette.  Visit their site at

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