ATP is proud to carry the UL/CUL CLASSIFICATION FILE#R1616

Quality Statement

ATP is committed to providing quality Insulation Products to our customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations.

We will achieve this through continual improvement of our products, processes, goals and ISO Quality Management System.

Advanced Thermal Products, Inc. (ATP) has been fabricating insulation products since 1972 and has developed a reputation of quality and service that is recognized throughout the power generation industry. We have proven ourselves under the harshest conditions of the marine vessel industry, mining, forestry, long haul trucks, heavy equipment, transportation, power generation industry and a multitude of custom applications.

ATP’s philosophy is simple – use the best materials available with superior workmanship. Our average employee has been with the company for over 15 years. And company wide, there is sense of pride and enthusiasm about our product. When you invest in a thermal insulation system for your machinery you will have confidence that your ATP product is backed with the experience and materials you need to end your heat problem.

ATP’s six divisions manufacture insulation blankets/covers to accommodate a wide range of applications:

MarineWrap® – Soft-Blanket Thermal Insulation designed for the needs of ocean vessels. U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Pleasure Craft, and Workboats are our most common clients. Marketed under the MarineWrap® name. The average thickness of MarineWrap insulation blankets is 1.25” (Silglass. 2000° F. mat). Click HERE to view photos of MarineWrap® product.

FireWrap® – Provides the same benefits as MarineWrap® with added features designed to prevent engine fires. Marketed under the FireWrap® name with signature red cloth, this product is designed to meet the needs of the Mining, Forestry, Heavy Equipment and Agricultural industries. The average thickness of FireWrap insulation blankets is one inch. Click HERE to view FireWrap® photos.

ATP Standard™ – Soft-Blanket thermal insulation for most Stand-By Power Generation or equipment with operating temperatures that do not exceed 1100° F. (600° C.). The average thickness of insulation blankets is one inch.

ATP High-Temp™ – for operating temperatures above 1100° F. For use with high-performance diesel engine/exhaust systems and natural gas applications. Average thickness of insulation blankets is one inch. Click HERE to view ATP High-Temp™ photos.

Alloy Racing Covers™ – hard cover thermal insulation shields for extreme heat conditions. Designed for pro race and performance street vehicles. Custom pieces are available for temperatures to 3000° F. Average thickness of insulation shields is ¼ inch. Click HERE to view Alloy Racing Covers™ photos.

Advanced Alloy Shields™ – long-lasting metal encapsulated insulation for operating temperatures between 1200° – 3000° F. Most commonly used in Aircraft and Military applications, though may be custom fabricated to any specs. Average thickness of insulation shields is ¼ inch. Click HERE to view Advanced Alloy Shields™ photos.