Advanced Thermal Products, Alloy Racing Covers division is in the forefront of experimenting with unusual requests from customers that have extreme heat problems

Advanced Thermal Products, Alloy Racing Covers division seems to be in the forefront of experimenting with unusual requests from customers that have extreme heat problems. This truck as seen had been giving the owner-operating a real problem caused by his use of a dual turbo system that emitted extreme heat in his engine compartment and cab. The Caterpillar 3406 dual turbo system proved to be quite a challenge for our engineers. Once we had all the components of the system in our hands we went to work developing the necessary individual shields that would ultimately be what you see in the photos.

The inconel shields proved once again to provide remarkable heat reduction that shuts radiant heat down and forces it out the tail pipes. Our racing technology gained from 30+ years supplying their industry with high temperature shields has given ATP an unusual ability to take super hot exhaust and “heat manage” the exhaust out of the engine compartment providing significant relief for drivers and actually improve engine performance. Normally we can do this with thermal insulation blankets but with this tractor and unusual layout we felt our shield system was the way to go. Our ATP Inconel Shields has insure that race cars finish races under the most severe hot weather conditions giving advantages in knowing that their engine compartment is running much cooler than their competition. We have had experience at Button Willow race tack in Bakersfield, California with our race cars being able to go 25 laps under full power where their competition could only do three laps before overheating and pulling off the track. That’s what you call the proof in the pudding.

This project truck proved once again that we can achieve great results given the opportunity to show our wears. If you have any heat problems please give us a call we would be happy to discuss ways in which to help you. The inconel shields have proved not only to give extreme protection from radiant heat but as you can see they also give the distinctive look of excellence and are quite a show stopper. When this truck goes into a truck stop he finds ways to open up his engine compartment to let everyone look at what’s under his hood. His pride in his truck along with his wanting to have a unique high performance engine lead him to us. I think as you can see we fulfilled our part and allowed him to drive the high powered very comfortable “cool truck” he had hoped for.

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