ATP is proud to carry the UL/CUL CLASSIFICATION FILE#R1616

Dodge Ram

Your 2008-2009 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Diesel

The 6.7L is equipped with a state-of-the-art engine and exhaust system.

The Cummins Power train Module (PCM). The PCM manages engine combustion to allow the exhaust system catalyst to trap and burn particulate matter (PM) pollutants, with no input or interaction on your part. Your overhead console alerts you to additional maintenance required on your truck or engine. You can read in your maintenance owner’s manual the breakdown of the CCV Filter, EGR Valve and EGR Cooler readings on the console if service required.

There is a inherent problem with Catalytic converter systems they need to burn at a required temperature. Power generation exhaust systems have required catalytic converters to be installed on generator exhaust systems for years.. They found that it was necessary to insulate the hardware to insure a high burn temperature for the particulates. If they didn’t meet that burn temperature the converters would not operate properly and the converters got clogged and needed maintenance on the filters to be effective. The same principle will apply to the Dodges exhaust since the converters are at the bottom directly in line with ambient airflow they will be greatly effected by the airstream. During the Summer they will operate normally, but during the winter there could be a significant problem of not being hot enough to maintain the temperature to burn the particulates and you could see potential warning lights coming on for service.

Advanced Thermal Products, Inc. has for over 38 years insulated exhaust systems throughout the industries, stand-by and prime power generator systems and in particular catalytic converters. We have insulated all sizes and shaped converters. We developed an exhaust blanket system for our 2009 6.7L truck .converters to insure they operate properly. We wanted to insure that we were going to meet the temperature standards required to properly burn the particulates the engineers sought to burn to be effective and keep the truck operating at peak levels. A simple blanket system will insure you’re trucks will operate effectively as well. Simple to install see pictures.

Not only will the converters be insulated guaranteeing proper burning of particulates but the additional benefit it reduces the exhaust noise inside the cab. In keeping with our Dodge Quiet Kit that we have offered to owners to cut the noise inside your Dodge cabs. We have successfully sold to hundreds of Dodge owners our insulation for the 5.9 Cummins engines helping them enjoy driving their trucks while being able to enjoy conversations and music at very low volume levels. The 2008/2009 you can also add two components from the Quiet Kit the Valve cover and the Oil pan cover to bring your new dodges to a new level of quiet never experienced before.

My 2009 has the two components along with removing some of the OEM heavy ineffective shields, being replaced by Inconel heat shields to make our 2009 the most Heat Managed-Sound Reduced Dodge on the road today.

Give us a call if you interested in learning more. I have included photos of our 2009 ATP, Inc. truck with all of the added products available to owners who want the assurance of a super quiet insulated Dodge Truck. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. I am excited to offer our new system to owners who know we take great pride in manufacturing high quality, very efficient thermal insulation products.

Timothy J. Thompson/President Advanced Thermal Products, Inc.

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