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Alloy Racing Covers

Alloy Racing Covers recently completed a 72 Volkswagen convertible. The little convertible went from an average looking bug to a showpiece worthy of its license plate, ‘Hot 72 VW.

Custom Designed & Manufactured for Diesel-Powered

Alloy Racing Covers recently completed a new project car – a 72 Volkswagen convertible. We received the vehicle in the early stages of the project and helped manage some of the non-insulation tasks. The little convertible went from an average looking bug to a showpiece worthy of its license plate, ‘Hot 72 VW.’

We started with the engine by changing the original carburetor to a 2-barrel and used Alloy Racing Covers products throughout the engine to protect from heat, as well as attract attention when the hood is popped. We insulated the firewall with inconel heat shields, not necessarily because there was is heat problem, but to keep the compartment looking fresh and clean. The inconel steel liner also helps prevent corrosion, which is a common problem among vintage VW owners.

We used a combination of inconel and Gentex custom sewn covers to give the car a distinctive Alloy Racing Covers look that will surely attract attention at any car show it visits.

We had new pans installed, and undercoated the entire underside of the car to insure no rust would show up anytime in the next decade; this is a must.

The interior was gutted and replaced with new seats, flooring and door panels by Kustom 1 Upholstery of Orange, CA. The car was painted to the original 72 VW burnt orange color, by Mako Paint & Body, who took the dents out and did a good job overall.

History tells us that VW bugs are a California favorite. We see VWs with turbochargers at the local Volkswagen shows and raceways. Unfortunately, most don’t even know of the benefit from ARC inconel turbo shields. Alloy Racing Covers is looking forward to working with more VW owners no matter what their needs are. This project car was a great way for us to learn about where the problem areas are, as well as experiment with ways to achieve a clean, customized look.

Our highest recommendation for those owners with Garret turbocharger housings (T3 & T4) is our inconel turboshields, which have proven to be a super performer. They are also an eye-catcher that few have ever seen. The shields are long lasting, look great and are very effective at protecting the VWs historically heat-sensitive engine compartment from excessive heat.

Alloy Racing Covers is proud to support VW drag racer, Alex Sotelo. He came to us for help with the massive amounts of heat that was hurting his track performance and causing safety concerns. With Alloy Racing covers’ insulation shields, Alex’s VW bus has set records on the 1/8-mile track.

Apart from racing at the track, Alex also works at Irwindale Raceway, where he personally inspects the other vehicles that seek to race to make sure that they are properly equipped. He is highly respected in his field and carries many certificates that qualify him as an authority in Safety and Performance at the speedway.

We created a heat shield system customized to his engine and fixed his heat issues, it was a big challenge and we were able to create a complete fix that created a great deal of interest at the speedway.

The Volkswagen photo galleries will allow you to see we are able to create one-of-a-kind racing shields that will give you the ability to show a distinct side of your VW that you can be proud of. Give us a call at 800.826.8417. We would love to talk with you about your ideas and positive solutions.

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