Diesel engines can produce a tremendous amount of heat; the harder you work them the higher the temperatures. When it comes to hot engine rooms, workboats are at the top of the list. Crews can’t afford to stop what they’re doing to deal with a heat problem - that’s why many workboats are fitted with MarineWrap®.

MarineWrap® has been tried and tested in THE harshest environments and has gained a reputation for it’s dependability and performance.

An efficiently insulated diesel engine includes a 'wrapped' turbo (when needed), exhaust manifolds (when needed), exhaust flex, exhaust tubing and silencer. Done correctly, you can expect dramatically reduced engine-room temperatures, increased engine performance and personnel protection.

Our engineers take great pride in designing blankets that are easy to install, long-lasting and well fitting.

ATP has kits available for most engine manufacturers. Call today (800.826.8417) for prices and availability.

Please refer to our MarineWrap® USCG and NAVY pages for further product specific information.

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