Custom Designed & Manufactured for Waste Managment Trucks

Ever seen a trash truck on fire? It isn’t pretty!

Combustible materials such as trash or hydraulic fluid that come into contact with hot exhaust piping/flex is the cause of most engine fires. Considering the working environment of these vehicles, fire will always be a threat…unless preventative action is made.

While fire is a concern with most owners, heat transfer to the cockpit area is as much a problem for the operator (who sit directly over the engine). Operator comfort has become more of an issue in the last few years as the temperatures of diesel and natural gas engines have increased significantly with the newer engines.

Advanced Thermal Products, Inc. (ATP) works with Waste Industry companies and Municipalities throughout the United States with heat-related problems – especially in areas where seasonal temperatures exceed 100° F.

Our custom sewn wraps fit like a glove over the hottest components of an engine and exhaust, reducing temperatures by as much as 1000° F. Greater performance is available with Inconel lined products and our new Inconel Steel shields.

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