What happens when you take one of today’s high-output engines and install it in a confined engine compartment of today’s Pleasure Crafts? You have a problem, to put it lightly.

Heat buildup in your engine compartment presents serious issues; fire threat, burn threat, robbed performance, decreased fuel economy, noise and discomfort to you and your guests are all problems that are easily solved with quality lagging.

Ask any marine diesel mechanic and he will tell you the benefits of lagging. He will also tell you about how difficult it is to work with, how unpleasing it is to look at, and its performance limitations. Mechanics who know better will recommend MarineWrap®.

ATP's military standard insulation, MarineWrap®, is available to the public. We manufacture our blankets using the same high-tech materials and same manufacturing techniques as we do with our U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy customers.

3D CAD design technology is used to create an ideal fit with the fewest pieces possible. This reduces weak spots and makes installation a breeze. And, because we are a computer-based manufacturer, we will have your information on file if your MarineWrap® insulation blankets ever need replacing.

ATP has a database of over 5000 of today’s most popular engine and exhaust parts. We most likely have your engine parts on file as well. With dimensions and digital pictures, we can quote custom exhaust systems.

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