A city busses run long shifts and depend on an engine that will not quit for any reason. A ruptured hydraulic line can set the engine compartment ablaze and put a municipal transit vehicle out of commission for a very long time. Taking steps to eliminating heat-related problems before they occur is a wise choice.

Our thermal insulation systems reduce radiant surface temperatures by as much as 1000° F. That means that your hoses, belts, fuel and hydraulic fluid lines won’t be baked!!! That also means a safer and more dependable means of transportation for your passengers.

ATP Kits include ‘wraps’ for all hot engine components, including the exhaust manifold, turbocharger, all tubing and flex, and the silencer (if needed). A wrapped exhaust system guides heat out the tail pipe as the engine was designed …and not soak into the engine compartment. Our blankets also help the catalytic converter reach the elevated temperatures necessary to effectively burn pollutants.

Whether its Diesel or Natural Gas powered, Advanced Thermal Products, Inc can help you achieve your quest of safety and efficiency. ATP has been manufacturing soft blanket thermal insulation covers since 1972 and has an enormous portfolio of experience. Click HERE for part #s and availability for your engine.

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