Don’t Let Your Rig End up in Flames like this one!
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Have you ever driven 8 hours straight and stopped for a good night sleep, gotten into bed only to find that the mattress was blazing hot from the engine heat? If you happen to be in Alaska at 20° below it would be great, but if you are in Arizona in the Summer…Oh My God, you are in trouble! Thermal blankets are, literally, the only solution.

Advanced Thermal Products, in Southern California, has been providing solutions to Motor Coach owners since 1972 and have
kits available for all popular diesel engines.

ATP Soft-Blanket kits are custom sewn to fit perfectly over engine components that radiate dangerous levels of heat. The blankets block radiant temperatures by as much as 1000° F. and guide it out through the tailpipe, as the engine is designed to do. Aside from creating a safer and more comfortable environment, reducing engine compartment heat will also prolong the life of your rubber and plastic engine parts.

Kits include blankets for the Exhaust Manifold, Turbocharger and Outlet Elbow. With drawings and dimensions we can fabricate blankets for exhaust tubing and silencers. ATP’s ‘Quick-Release’ spring closure system is available for ease of installation and to facilitate periodic maintenance.

Customers are welcome to visit our facilities in Santa Ana, California (15 minutes from Disneyland) for expedited service and installation.

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