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** ATTENTION COAL MINERS - Click to learn more about MSHA's stricter enforcement of Title 30 CFR 75.1909 (ax10).

Safety is always a concern in the mining industry. Mine equipment very frequently includes diesel-powered engines, which carry safety risks of their own. Heat and Fire are two very important issues that can be virtually eliminated with the use of ATP's FireWrap®.

FireWrap® is a custom designed soft-blanket insulation system that covers the hottest parts of the engine (exhaust manifold/s, turbocharger/s, exhaust tubing and silencer). Heat is guided out the end of the exhaust pipe, as the engine was designed. Also, flammable materials, such as coal, hydraulic fluid, and fuel, are never able to come in contact with hot surfaces.

As an added measure of protection, customers may order blankets with a Stainless Steel or Inconel liner. The metal liner stops fluids from coming into contact with the insulation fiber – thus eliminating a possible ‘wicking effect.’

Engine owners and operators also realize the following benefits:

  • Greatly reduces ambient temperatures and burn risk by reducing surface temperatures by as much as 1000° F
  • All product is manufactured to exacting specifications utilizing high temperature fabrics and ceramic fibers that remain pliable under the most severe conditions
  • Adds life to all plastic and rubber engine components by reducing heat soak
  • Maintenance friendly; simple to install, remove, and replace
  • Easily cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents
  • Attractive, "glove-fit" designs dramatically improve appearance of engine
  • May reduce insurance premiums (speak to your agent for details)
  • Short turnaround - delivered normally within 5 working days

An unprotected Deutz BF43L1011F engine vs. the same engine with FireWrap®. Personnel are protected, flammable fluids and materials are safe and the engine runs more efficiently. It’s too much of a liability to work without FireWrap®!!

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