Over 300 Coast Guard vessels use MarineWrap® Insulation Systems in their engine rooms to control heat.

The USCG requires a lot from its Ships, Crew as well as their propulsion systems. High temperature exhaust from their high-output engines causes radiant heat that creates personnel safety issues and a very uncomfortable environment for the crew in the engine room. Radiant heat also causes engines to run less efficiently.

Thermal blankets are necessary to crew safety as well as heat management for the engine rooms propulsion systems. That’s MarineWrap®’s business - taking heat out of the engine rooms and insuring personnel safety by manufacturing high temperature thermal insulation to insure peak efficiency of the power plants and protect the sailors who serve on the ships.

We are proud to have a new hybrid system available for the newest cutter - the 87’. This has been a two-year project that has been adopted from the Professional Racing Industry and Aerospace Industry; ATPI has developed a Hybrid system that withstands the extreme heat (1400+° F.) produced by these Detroit/German made MTU engines. The result is amazing, better insulation with less weight and almost half the thickness!!! Yet, they continue to be easy to install and remove, providing true heat management for a patrol boat that needed specific attention.

We believe, as the future of diesel engines invariably moves toward hotter running engines, that MarineWrap® Hybrid System will be a new standard, enabling ATP MarineWrap® to heat manage any challenge put before us.

Our passion for the Marine Industry is no coincidence. ATPI’s president, Tim Thompson, served our Country in the Vietnam War.

His 10 years of duty in the United States Navy has given him specialized knowledge to the requirements of sea vessels and military needs/procedures.

Tim’s personal dedication to U.S. Military, from design work to final inspection, is reflected in each blanket we manufacture.

Today, you will find ATPI’s MarineWrap® installed on USCG vessels throughout the world, protecting crewmembers and helping to maximize engine performance.

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